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Catrine Berlatier

Catrine BerlatierCatrine’s work is informed by a long-lasting interest in the idea of transformation, and of discovering the value hidden in ordinary things. Originally from France, Catrine completed a Bachelor of Education (Art and Crafts, metal & textiles) at the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts), Gold and Silversmithing from RMIT University, Melbourne. She has curated numerous exhibitions and has lectured at Collège Jean Monnet, France and Wuhan University, China.

Catrine works with unusual materials such as paper, plastic bags, bottles, string and pages from old books – taking pleasure in transforming these mundane materials into objects of desire. Her paper necklaces represent hours of elaborate folding, using a weaving technique she learned as a child. Through her practise, Catrine seeks to render her chosen materials almost unrecognisable, turning coloured paper and old atlas pages into striking, wearable pieces with an unexpected strength and beauty.