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Julia deVille

Julia deVille

Julia deVille’s work is informed by a fascination with the acceptance of death expressed in Memento Mori jewellery of the 15th to 18th centuries and Victorian Mourning jewellery.

Julia studied at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE and has also completed a taxidermy mentorship. Her work is characterised by the elegant combination of these fields and ideas and has been extensively exhibited in Australia as well as in the USA and Europe. Julia employs taxidermy as a celebration of life and sees it as the preservation of something beautiful.

Julia’s work is designed to serve as contemporary Memento Mori—a reminder of mortality. Her contemporary jewellery is characterised by the use of symbols of death from past eras. Julia uses traditional precious and semi-precious metals and gems and occasionally materials that were once living, such as jet, human hair and taxidermy. In examining mortality, her work incorporates motifs that encourage viewers and wearers to identify with their own fate and challenge a prevalent culture that obsessively plans the future: forget an unknowable tomorrow and instead embrace the present.


Jewellery by Julia deVille