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Dan’s bespoke Cass Partington stack

Dan Osmen's Cass Partington Bespoke Wedding Ring
Photo: Sarah J Photography

Dan and Bethany tied the knot on a hot New Year’s Eve in a church on Bethany’s parents property in Bendigo. The choice of venue was a special detail. Aside from Bethany having grown up there, over the course of six months the couple and their family and friends had worked tirelessly to renovate the church for their big day. The dress code was black tie, but by the end of the night everyone had kicked off their shoes and were dancing under the festoon lights.

For Bethany, e.g.etal was the ideal place to find Dan’s wedding ring, “Dan wanted something a little edgy and quite different to what was around. So the first place we looked was e.g.etal. Having worked next door to e.g.etal for 6 years, I knew how beautiful and original the jewellery was. It was a perfect match.”

Bethany describes Dan as a “handsome James Dean type in a white shirt and jeans. That said, Dan has a lot of his body tattooed so I suppose his style allows his art to tell his story.”

Bethany settled on a bespoke version of Cass Partington’s ‘Giovanni’ ring stack, featuring sterling silver, white gold and diamonds.

Dan Osment Cass Partington Men's Wedding Ring
Photo: Sarah J Photography

“What we loved about Cass Partington’s [designs] was that over time we could build Dan’s ring set with extra layers for big moments in life. Plus being able to pick out which rings rather than ring (singular) is really cool. It meant that Dan’s wedding band wouldn’t be seen anywhere else. Dan left me to pick out his ring as a surprise and I knew without a doubt that Cass Partington was our artist. She was so helpful in putting together a set of rings that worked beautifully together.”

And from Dan’s reaction, it seems the choice went down well. “He was really excited when he saw the e.g.etal bag so I think at that moment he knew he had something special. His face when he looked at his ring set for the first time was a favourite moment of mine.”

Dan Osment Cass Partington Wedding Ring
Photo: Sarah J Photography

Photos by Sarah J Photography

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