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Journal - Exhibitions

‘Jang Dok Dae (The Condiments Bay)’ by Daehoon Kang

e.g.etal continues its 2011 exhibition program with a new series of pieces by Melbourne-based jeweller, Daehoon Kang.


‘Brooch’ Fine silver, fine gold, sterling silver

These works are inspired by Jang Dok Dae (or the Condiments Bay) an assemblage of earthenware vessels traditionally found outside Korean households, which are used to store food and condiments such as soy sauce, kimchi, soybean paste, spices and dried foods.

As a trained silversmith Daehoon has previously made silver vessels inspired by the distinctive shapes of earthen vessels of the Neolithic Age in Korea. For this series, Daehoon’s pieces explore the visual appeal, cultural values and specificity, as well as the functionality of the Condiments Bay. This new range of jewellery and objects examines Daehoon’s cultural heritage and expresses his love of food, while also demonstrating his translation of silversmithing techniques to a scale applicable for wearable jewellery and containers.

“While it harbours essentials of the household it is never secured with a lock and key—it’s not enclosed like the wine cellar in the West; rather it is out in the open in order to get the sun and fresh air,” says Daehoon. “The Condiments Bay is not secured, but it is not overtly displayed either. I like to see this as a poetic duality of harmony and contradiction. The Condiments Bay is open even as it is closed.”

This is Daehoon’s first solo jewellery exhibition in Melbourne. The exhibition is the sixth in a series of monthly exhibitions that are showing at e.g.etal throughout the year.


‘Pendant’ Fine silver, fine gold, sterling silver


‘Brooch’ Sterling silver, stainless steel, monel


‘Brooch’ Fine silver, fine gold, sterling silver