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  • Pale Blue Green Double Sapphire RingPale Blue Green Double Sapphire Ring
  • Teal Hexagon Cut Sapphire RingTeal Hexagon Cut Sapphire Ring
  • Dark Royal Blue Sapphire RingDark Royal Blue Sapphire Ring
  • Star Cut Teal Sapphire RingStar Cut Teal Sapphire Ring
  • Green Liner Cut Sapphire & Diamond RingGreen Liner Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring
  • Two Tone Teal Sapphire RingTwo Tone Teal Sapphire Ring
  • Yellow & Green Maroke Cut Sapphire RingYellow & Green Maroke Cut Sapphire Ring
  • Token earringsToken earrings
  • Pearl & Sapphire Euphoria EarringsPearl & Sapphire Euphoria Earrings
  • Blue Angel Ring - Gold & SapphireBlue Angel Ring - Gold & Sapphire
  • Double Pink Sapphire RingDouble Pink Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireCinnamon Apricot Sapphire RingCinnamon Apricot Sapphire Ring
  • Pink Sapphire RingPink Sapphire Ring
  • Custom OrderOlive Green Sapphire RingOlive Green Sapphire Ring
  • Deep Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire & Diamond RingDeep Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring
  • EnquireTeal Round Cut Sapphire RingTeal Round Cut Sapphire Ring
  • Royal Eight Cut Sapphire RingRoyal Eight Cut Sapphire Ring
  • Dark Green Double Sapphire RingDark Green Double Sapphire Ring
  • Teal Stretched Hexagon Sapphire RingTeal Stretched Hexagon Sapphire Ring
  • Medium Blue Stretched Hexagon Sapphire RingMedium Blue Stretched Hexagon Sapphire Ring
  • Light Green Double Sapphire RingLight Green Double Sapphire Ring
  • Teal Blue Double Sapphire RingTeal Blue Double Sapphire Ring
  • Pale Teal Double Sapphire RingPale Teal Double Sapphire Ring
  • Mustard Emerald Cut Sapphire RingMustard Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireTeal Double Large Sapphire RingTeal Double Large Sapphire Ring
  • Emerald Cut Cognac Sapphire RingEmerald Cut Cognac Sapphire Ring
  • Teal Oval Cut Sapphire & Diamond RingTeal Oval Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring
  • Emerald Cut Yellow & Blue Parti Sapphire RingEmerald Cut Yellow & Blue Parti Sapphire Ring
  • Long Emerald Cut Sapphire RingLong Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring
  • Take the Sky NecklaceTake the Sky Necklace
  • Wheel of Fortune BangleWheel of Fortune Bangle
  • Oval Pink Sapphire RingOval Pink Sapphire Ring
  • The Venerable Traveller Pendant NecklaceThe Venerable Traveller Pendant Necklace
  • Frosted Orb Ring - Green SapphireFrosted Orb Ring - Green Sapphire
  • Fold Ring - SapphireFold Ring - Sapphire
  • Platinum Australian Sapphire RingPlatinum Australian Sapphire Ring
  • Yellow Australian Sapphire RingYellow Australian Sapphire Ring
  • Blue Sapphire Ring - GoldBlue Sapphire Ring - Gold
  • Sapphire Speckled EarringsSapphire Speckled Earrings
  • Ten Australian Blues RingTen Australian Blues Ring
  • Reef Earrings - Silver SapphireReef Earrings - Silver Sapphire
  • Custom OrderAlexandra Earrings - Blue SapphireAlexandra Earrings - Blue Sapphire
  • Cook Island Crowned Pearl Pendant NecklaceCook Island Crowned Pearl Pendant Necklace
  • Dew Blossom Drop Earrings - SapphireDew Blossom Drop Earrings - Sapphire
  • Dew Sunrise Ring - SapphireDew Sunrise Ring - Sapphire
  • Star Gazer EarringsStar Gazer Earrings
  • Two Sapphires Ring - White GoldTwo Sapphires Ring - White Gold
  • Custom OrderTwo Sapphires - Stud EarringsTwo Sapphires - Stud Earrings