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Valentine's day

Meaningful and uncommon gifts for¬†Valentine’s Day.

Unique jewellery pieces handmade by independent designers: future heirlooms for a lifetime of love.

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  • Rolling Rock Pink Sapphire Necklace - Matte GoldRolling Rock Pink Sapphire Necklace - Matte Gold
  • Custom OrderPink Sapphire Slate Necklace - Matte GoldPink Sapphire Slate Necklace - Matte Gold
  • Giardinetti Ring - Blush PinkGiardinetti Ring - Blush Pink
  • Floral Bonzai Ring - Blush Hot PinksFloral Bonzai Ring - Blush Hot Pinks
  • Violet Posy Ring - Blush PinkViolet Posy Ring - Blush Pink
  • Pink Eternal Love Ring - GoldPink Eternal Love Ring - Gold