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  • Custom OrderGhost necklaceGhost necklace
  • Custom OrderHalo necklaceHalo necklace
  • Custom OrderLily charms necklaceLily charms necklace
  • Custom OrderBlossom charms necklaceBlossom charms necklace
  • Custom OrderPearlite necklacePearlite necklace
  • Custom OrderCentral Star necklaceCentral Star necklace
  • EnquireSkinny with Grey, Gold and Black necklaceSkinny with Grey, Gold and Black necklace
  • Custom OrderSecret Kisses Pendant NeckpieceSecret Kisses Pendant Neckpiece
  • Custom OrderLoose Clear Glass NeckpieceLoose Clear Glass Neckpiece
  • Custom OrderLoose Glass Neckpiece - RedLoose Glass Neckpiece - Red
  • Custom OrderScatter Necklace - Rubies & DiamondsScatter Necklace - Rubies & Diamonds
  • Custom OrderAmplify 3D necklaceAmplify 3D necklace
  • Custom OrderAmplify 3D necklaceAmplify 3D necklace
  • Custom OrderAmplify Octahedron Silver NecklaceAmplify Octahedron Silver Necklace
  • Custom OrderAmplify Octahedron Pendant NecklaceAmplify Octahedron Pendant Necklace
  • EnquireBeer Lid Pendant NecklaceBeer Lid Pendant Necklace
  • EnquireBeer Lid Beaded NeckpieceBeer Lid Beaded Neckpiece
  • EnquireBeer Lid NeckpieceBeer Lid Neckpiece
  • Tiny Golden Fool neckpieceTiny Golden Fool neckpiece
  • Custom OrderBright Eyed Fool neckpieceBright Eyed Fool neckpiece
  • Custom OrderPod neckpiecePod neckpiece
  • Transit neckpieceTransit neckpiece
  • Custom OrderMini Sundisk Pendant Necklace - GoldMini Sundisk Pendant Necklace - Gold
  • Custom OrderHidden Line Neckpiece - BlackHidden Line Neckpiece - Black
  • Custom OrderHidden Line Neckpiece - YellowHidden Line Neckpiece - Yellow
  • Custom OrderDouble Drop Corona neckpieceDouble Drop Corona neckpiece
  • Gold squares neckpieceGold squares neckpiece
  • Custom OrderSingle Leaf Pendant - SilverSingle Leaf Pendant - Silver
  • Custom OrderCircles Neckpiece - Silver & TitaniumCircles Neckpiece - Silver & Titanium
  • Seaweed necklaceSeaweed necklace
  • Custom OrderSide by Side Periwinkle neckpieceSide by Side Periwinkle neckpiece
  • Custom OrderMild steel neckpiece - childMild steel neckpiece - child
  • Mild steel neckpiece - mother and childMild steel neckpiece - mother and child
  • Pebble Undulate neckpiecePebble Undulate neckpiece
  • Frost Smoke Silver Twist neckpieceFrost Smoke Silver Twist neckpiece
  • Pebble billow neckpiecePebble billow neckpiece
  • Frost Crimson Silver Twist neckpieceFrost Crimson Silver Twist neckpiece
  • Custom OrderOpen back pendantOpen back pendant
  • Custom Order3 Piece neckpiece3 Piece neckpiece
  • EnquireMoon Shadow necklaceMoon Shadow necklace
  • Custom OrderBouquet necklace (Eucalyptus leaf, Waratah)Bouquet necklace (Eucalyptus leaf, Waratah)
  • Custom OrderBouquet necklace (Kangaroo Paw, Eucalyptus flower, Nut)Bouquet necklace (Kangaroo Paw, Eucalyptus flower, Nut)
  • Custom OrderBouquet necklace (Eucalyptus leaf, Eucalyptus flower, Bottle Brush, Nut)Bouquet necklace (Eucalyptus leaf, Eucalyptus flower, Bottle Brush, Nut)
  • Custom OrderBouquet necklace (Banksia, Bottle Brush)Bouquet necklace (Banksia, Bottle Brush)
  • Custom Order15 Blossom Strand neckpiece15 Blossom Strand neckpiece
  • Fine Silver Tree neckpieceFine Silver Tree neckpiece
  • Custom OrderMountain neckpieceMountain neckpiece
  • Custom OrderMoon neckpieceMoon neckpiece