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Cass Partington

Cass PartingtonAfter graduating from a Criminology and English double major at the University of Melbourne, Cass worked in the corporate sector. Not content with this, Cass began studying an Associate Diploma of Engineering (Jewellery and Metalsmithing) at NMIT. She soon realised that the honest pleasure to be found in donning her jeans, toting her toolbox and heading to school to make things was far more nourishing than working in an office. Cass has now spent over 20 years designing and making jewellery. She has a studio in Melbourne CBD.

Cass produces contemporary jewellery that draws inspiration from the beauty and mystery of both natural and artificial structures. Her clean geometric forms are minimally decorated and make reference to signs, codes and the urban landscape. Silver, gold, titanium and a wide range of precious and semi-precious stones are manipulated mainly with a saw and handpiece. Cass’ work is characterised by its formal simplicity and bold approach to using metal, evoking the sense of awe that overtakes one upon viewing the skyline of a metropolis.

Jewellery by Cass Partington