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Claire Taylor

Claire TaylorClaire studied a Bachelor of Arts (Jewellery) at Monash University. In 2010 her work was exhibited in a solo exhibition in Barcelona at Galeria Meko. Claire’s work captures fragile textures and patterns in metal. She works with found styles and motifs, re-imagining them in a contemporary context. The simple illustrative quality of the styles and motifs appropriated results in work that has a universal and timeless quality.

Claire travels around the world—Japan, Morocco, Croatia, Italy and Turkey most recently—in search of objects and textures, which she collects and brings back to her studio to experiment with. Experimentation with materials and techniques is a key component of Claire’s contemporary jewellery. Her work explores techniques that allow for the amalgamation of qualities from materials like leaves, feathers or string with metal and gems—metal is imprinted with traces of the other object.

Jewellery by Claire Taylor