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Daehoon Kang

Daehoon KangDaehoon’s enjoyment comes from working with his hands, coercing metals to move in different ways and translating traditional silversmithing techniques to a scale applicable to wearable contemporary jewellery. He originally studied Fine Art at Kookmin University in Korea and relocated to Melbourne to study at RMIT University in 1997. Daehoon’s jewellery is held in public and private collections, and has been thoroughly exhibited, in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Daehoon works in silver, pure gold and acetal, creating contemporary jewellery that is often bright, geometric and mechanical. Playing with forms and colours, he imbues each piece with his unique sense of humour and a nod to his childhood legacy. His Jang Dok Dae series investigates of the formal qualities of the Condiments Bay traditionally found in Korean houses, while his pieces featuring hand-dyed coloured balls remind him of the bright lollipops of his childhood and his wish to have one in every colour.

Jewellery by Daehoon Kang