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David Parker

Parker_David_portraitDavid Parker grew up in regional Victoria with a shed full of his father’s tools at his disposal. This, along with his early training as a mechanic and subsequent apprenticeship as a trade jeweller, laid the basis for a technical awareness that helps shape his bold designs into practical pieces. He now works from his studio in Chicago. At the core of David’s refined aesthetic remains a commitment to the handmade: files, hammers, saw frames, micro torches, drills, burs, pliers, emery paper and polishing equipment are still his tools of choice.

David’s work is a seamless combination of modern and Art Deco influences and his technical prowess allows for the execution of bravely conceived pieces. He creates contemporary jewellery that is very much of this time but also evokes the audacious aesthetic evolution of the early to mid 20th century. Sweeping curves, clean edges and flat planes of white and yellow gold, silver and titanium often house gems of unconventional shapes and sizes. David’s characteristic tension setting imbues pieces with a carefully considered sense of drama and boldness.

Jewellery by David Parker