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Emma Goodsir

Emma Goodsir - Artist Photo - 2016Emma Goodsir has a BA in Public Relations and a BFA in Gold and Silversmithing from RMIT University. A dedication to practical and meaningful design permeates each part of Emma’s life: be it in the home, the garden, the studio, or the gallery.

Emma’s passion for jewellery lies primarily in its origins and its history, as a means of expressing feeling, pledging faith or creating meaning. With references to these traditions she produces contemporary jewellery pieces that are inspired by the simplest elements in life: the way light falls, the patterns of a feather, a fleeting view or conversation. Emma likens choosing the stones for her pieces to picking flowers from her garden. She can happily spend hours finding the right combinations, totally enthralled by the purity and intensity of colours produced in nature. Her pieces are designed to be worn and marked with the often-forgettable details of life. Emma sees this as imbuing the piece with the stories of the wearer, from which comes meaning and value.

Jewellery by Emma Goodsir