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Jennifer Martin

Jewellery designer Jennifer Martin in her studioJennifer’s work explores narratives. She picks up the thread of a story, sometimes in the forest, the sea or the sky. She looks for the traces of narrative left by people, birds and animals. In her work she explores the deep spiritual connection we have with each other: human, animal, avian, aquatic, celestial, and mineral.

Jennifer creates a story based on real or imaginary characters, objects or places from history and folklore. She illustrates this story in jewellery, objects and text. It is an important part of the process of making that the work can be worn – Jennifer imagines the wearer will have a secret dialogue with the piece, a continuation of the story that has been suggested.

The use of traditional techniques aids the process of uncovering the story in the material.  Jennifer uses hammer, chisel and pitch bowl exactly as it has been done for hundreds of years. Beginning with a flat sheet of metal, like a blank page, she lifts and construct the piece. Working with precious metals and gemstones, Jennifer feels she is continuing a tradition that connects her to other makers across time and space.

Jewellery by Jennifer Martin