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Jill Hermans

Jill HermansBased in East Gippsland, Jill is interested in the ways desire has inspired humans, driven them to create and motivated them to adorn. Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Metals and Jewellery) at Monash University, she examines how the quality of colour and sensation of tactility dictates our desire and attraction in relation to jewellery. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Jill employs the Japanese alloy shibuichi, a combination of copper and silver. The colours in her work form as a natural reaction between heat applied to the thick oxide layer that develops on the surface of the metal. As no flux, solder, pickle or chemicals are used the interference colours that form are quite natural; if treated carefully they will last a long time, but if handled too much they will slowly change. Through contemporary jewellery, Jill explores Japanese ideals of beauty and truth. By juxtaposing the repetition of basic shapes and forms with rich and intricate surface colours and textures she creates a serene balance between simplicity and complexity.

Jewellery by Jill Hermans