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Joungmee Do

Joungmee DoJoungmee was born in Korea and has resided in Melbourne since 1997. Over the last twenty years she has studied contemporary and traditional jewellery-making techniques in both these countries and now teaches master classes in iybsa (a traditional Korean metal inlaying technique).

The combination of Korean and Western concepts and processes is an intrinsic part of Joungmee’s work. Joungmee has exhibited her work, and features in public and private collections, in Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Joungmee makes contemporary jewellery that is inspired by, and references, Korean folklore, traditional wrapping cloth (pojagi) and metal inlay techniques (iybsa). Her work has technical references to stitching, patchwork and layering as well as symbolic references to happiness, blessings and yin and yang philosophy. She often uses the simple forms of circles and squares (circles representing heaven, sun and male, and squares representing the earth, moon and female).

Joungmee’s pieces can be identified by the characteristic layering of textured chiseling, giving the metal a velvety surface. The chisel marks both conceal and reveal layers of imagery.

Jewellery by Joungmee Do