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Kaoru Rogers

Kaoru Rogers Jewellery Designer Photo

Kaoru is a Japanese/Australian designer and maker currently residing in Los Angeles.

Her specialty is making shapes and forms for the body, which she considers as a blank, moving, evolving canvas. Kaoru’s process is akin to puzzle making – pulling tangential shapes, materials, colours and textures into the right composition; and then considering movement and how forms can sway, flutter, dangle or perch.

After a career in advertising, she completed her Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at Design Centre Enmore (Australia) graduating with distinction. She was a solo exhibition award winner of the prestigious National Contemporary Jewellery Award in 2012.

Born in Japan, but growing up, living and working in many diverse parts of the world, her work is influenced by the beauty and the essence of where she lives; incorporating the new materials she finds, and techniques she explores with makers of each unique region.

Jewellery by Kaoru Rogers