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Liv Boyle

Jewellery designer Liv Boyle in her studioLiv’s practice is testament to an artist’s ability to draw meaning from materials. For her, these meanings can be deeply personal—rooted in memories from a rural upbringing—or more broadly artistic, evoking the history of sculpture and personal adornment. Liv was born and raised in New Zealand, the culture and landscape of which is indelibly tied to her work.

Having studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture) at the University of Auckland, and an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery) at NMIT in Melbourne, Liv’s work has now been exhibited throughout Australia and in Japan. It employs cattle bone, horn and ebony set in silver with accents of yellow gold. In this jewellery there is a warmth that lends itself naturally to the body. These are bones, and this is horn, that could find a place in Pacific adornment from centuries past, or on her grandfather’s mantle, a modest hunter’s dusty relic. She approaches these materials with a maker’s tender touch and a sculptor’s aesthetic nous, shearing away what is unnecessary to reveal something honest and beautiful.

[Photo: Heather McDonald]

Jewellery by Liv Boyle