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Nicky Hepburn

Nicky HepburnNicky studied gold and silversmithing at RMIT University and now lectures in jewellery and metalsmithing at Box Hill TAFE. Since establishing her jewellery practice, she has taken part in both group and solo exhibitions in Australia. Nicky’s love of the natural environment resonates throughout her work—a love that is nourished by generous research of and immersion in nature.

Nicky’s work combines a sense of play with a love of diverse materials, creating contemporary jewellery that has a nuanced personality and lightness of form. Investigating and collecting objects from the natural environment informs her aesthetic, drawing the viewer into the subtle narratives of her work. Nicky delicately captures the essence of seedpods, sea grasses and coastal environments by using a wide range of materials ranging from precious metals and gems through to found objects gathered while walking in nature.

Jewellery by Nicky Hepburn