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Phoebe Porter

Phoebe Porter working in her studio

Since 1998, Phoebe Porter has been developing her intimate knowledge of materials, process and craftsmanship. Working primarily with titanium, stainless steel and aluminium, she successfully combines industrial materials and processes with the refined hand skills of a craftsperson. Each of Phoebe’s designs is refined to its necessary elements, often using a mechanism as a starting point, which then becomes integral to the design.

Phoebe’s deep understanding of the innate properties of her chosen materials allows her to exploit their characteristics to best perform their chosen function – the spring and fit of a clasp, rigidity and weight of a bracelet, lightness of an earring and suppleness of a necklace. All her pieces are designed to be worn. This is a particular challenge for her jewellery: to make pieces that can stand alone as sculptural objects, yet come alive when being worn.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Gold and Silversmithing) at ANU, Phoebe has exhibited extensively across Australia as well as in Japan, Germany and the UK. Her work has been acquired for a number of public collections, including the Art Gallery of South Australia and the Powerhouse Museum. Still a young talent, Phoebe’s work demonstrates a consistency and evolution of form that promises a long career, and a permanent place in Australia’s jewellery and design landscape.

Jewellery by Phoebe Porter