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Romy Mittelman

Romy MittelmanRomy picks things up off the ground, knowing that each discarded object carries with it a unique past and a story. She incorporates these objects into much of her work, particularly in her series Precious Debris, which debuted at e.g.etal in 2011. Romy’s jewellery practice was sparked after studying a Gold and Silversmithing course in Rome in 2003. She has since studied a Bachelor of Fine Art (Gold and Silversmithing) at RMIT University and holds an Advanced Diploma in Engineering Technology from NMIT.

Romy manipulates precious metals by hand and uses fine wax wires to create organic jewellery forms. These forms incorporate found objects such as bottle caps, beer cans, film canisters and computer chips, making permanent what was once ephemeral. By appropriating found objects and employing them in place of precious materials, Romy’s pieces challenge traditional notions of what ‘precious’ means in contemporary jewellery. Found objects are subtly contrasted with 18ct yellow gold, sterling silver and rough cut diamonds, so that all materials are treated equally.

Jewellery by Romy Mittelman