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Suzi Zutic

Suzi ZuticFor Suzi, making jewellery has always been a matter of scale. After a stint studying Architectural Drafting, Suzi changed course and completed a degree in Interior Design. Still she found such large spaces unwieldy and difficult to tame, thus she scaled her eye down and studied Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT University. Having completed this degree Suzi has since also studied stone cutting and gemmology. Her use and adaptation of ancient casting and setting techniques points to her fascination with the past and her commitment to exploring the nature of jewellery in a contemporary sense.

Suzi’s work acts as both a study and a reinvention of the past. Her contemporary jewellery explores antiquity and the cultures, aesthetics and ideas that find a voice in history. This imagined history is a personal one, but these pieces do not exist in one particular time and place and thus draw attention to universal ideas. The handmade nature of the work and the considered simplicity of its forms and materials ultimately evoke a deeper meaning that exists in the relationship between man and what he makes, as significant now in contemporary culture as at any time in history.

Jewellery by Suzi Zutic