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Vicki Mason


Vicki credits the botanic motifs in her work to an appreciation of gardens, which stems from her childhood spent in rural New Zealand. Meanwhile, her penchant for plastic will be understandable to any child of the ‘70s. These fascinations still echo in her contemporary jewellery work today. Vicki studied Fine Arts followed by Jewellery at Otago Polytechnic School of Art in Dunedin and, after relocating to Australia, has been teaching at CAE in Melbourne since 2002. In 2003, Vicki completed a residency at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and recently completed a Master of Philosophy (Research) at ANU.

Vicki is interested in the potential for botanical imagery to represent notions of place, belonging and the life cycle. She uses plants as metaphors to represent these ideas, basing her contemporary designs on forms sourced from native and exotic species. Vicki has undertaken extensive research in the development of her work. Many of her pieces involve flexible PVC sheets being printed, sewn, dyed, cut and coiled. The materials are transformed into a series of circular objects that explode with life and colour.

Jewellery by Vicki Mason