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Yuko Fujita

Yuko FujitaYuko initially began a degree in Japanese literature in Tokyo before coming to Australia to study jewellery. She first studied at NMIT and later completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Gold and Silversmithing) at RMIT University. In 2010, Yuko exhibited KODAMA – Return to Me at e.g.etal, a solo exhibition that borrowed from her literary beginnings, using visual language and materials—found wood and objects as well as gold and silver—to tell a story. Yuko’s work has also been exhibited in Europe and New Zealand.

Yuko’s pieces are realised through a spontaneous reaction to her materials, which creates outcomes that are never the same, reclaiming found objects as wearable sculptures. She is interested in making contemporary jewellery that interacts with the wearer. Yuko gives free reign to the interplay between the fundamental qualities of material, texture, shape and colour. Each piece is a tribute to her very personal and charming way of observing the world. Yuko believes that her pieces are completed when a viewer or wearer communicates with them through their imagination, engaging both physically and emotionally.

Jewellery by Yuko Fujita