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Journal - Exhibitions

Coming soon: Illuminate by Anita Crowther

Anita Crowther Illuminate

Exhibition dates: 9-28 September

Launch Event: Friday 13 September, 5-7pm (please RSVP to [email protected]

Illuminate presents a range of jewellery pieces and objects by artist Anita Crowther in which she explores the visual dialogue created through stone combinations.

Anita is interested in how minerals visually interact with each other, and the influence she can have upon this interaction by affecting their forms.

The pieces utilise qualities of different stones and the way they respond to light. Opals feature strongly in the conversation for their unique optical properties.

As a stone cutter, Anita explores the possibilities of lapidary, creating truly exciting and unique outcomes. Anita recently traveled to Idar-Oberstein, Germany, the historical hub of lapidary, to study and further her skills. 

Presented as part of Radiant Pavilion

Illuminate Exhibition by Anita Crowther - Group

Illuminate Exhibition by Anita Crowther - Opal Rings