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I’m So Tired but I love You by Welfe Bowyer

Welfe Bowyer Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 25 July to 10 August, 2019

Launch event: Friday 26 July, 5-7pm (Please register at [email protected]

Welfe Bowyer exhibits a wide-ranging series of kindred works made during the first year of his son’s life: the artist’s first year as a father.

Titled I’m so tired, but I love you, this new collection of jewellery was inspired by watching his young son develop the skills to understand and interact with the images and forms surrounding him.

Through this work, Bowyer explores the simple instinctual actions of a child: stacking, hammering, destroying, grasping, and squashing. Utilising found objects from both his own childhood and his son’s, Bowyer intersplices wood, rubber, plastic and steel with his more traditional palette of bronze, silver, gold, gems and pearls.

The resulting jewellery pieces are playful, colourful, yet deeply personal. Interconnected with fragments of his own childhood memories, Welfe presents a wonderland of intriguing and wearable objects that speak to our intuitive desire to re-connect with our inner child.

Presented as part of Craft Cubed 2019 

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