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Journal - Exhibitions

MADE [FOR ONE] by Rhys Turner

e.g.etal presents MADE [FOR ONE], an exhibition of contemporary jewellery designed and handmade by Melbourne jeweller Rhys Turner.

The collection can be viewed in the gallery, or online as interactive exhibition at, from 5 June, 2020.

Each of Turner’s designs starts with a single gemstone, often an Australian sapphire. This unique individual mineral, formed millions of years ago, is what determines the evolution of the piece: its possibilities, limitations and most importantly, how it relates to the body.

Making use of technology such as 360 degree photography and video, this interactive exhibition allows the viewer to study pieces even closer than the naked eye would normally allow. Turner invites us to experience his exhibition in a new way: as mindful introspection, focussing attention on construction and details. Just as each ring is made for one gem, this exhibition is made for one viewer: you.

Turner’s architectural inspirations are present in the epic, boundary-pushing structures he creates for each stone, often wth parts of the gem exposed so the inner beauty is revealed.

Miniature feats of engineering create illusory settings where gems appear to float or cantilever.

“My aim is to explore and challenge the traditional methods of holding a stone and how this can be achieved by pairing back each piece to its simplest and honest form – allowing the stone to be the focal point while maintaining functionality,” said Turner.

MADE [FOR ONE] will exhibit from 5 – 27 June online and at e.g.etal gallery Melbourne. All pieces are available for purchase.

When larger gatherings are safe and possible, the pieces will be reunited for a physical exhibition and celebratory event: when ONE can become many.