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Journal - Exhibitions

Aide-mémoire by Katherine Bowman

Aide-mémoire: an exhibition of new work by Katherine Bowman
15th February – 6th March, 2024

Jewellery has served many functions over the last millennium. It is a conduit to the gods, a sign of belonging and place, as well as a location of wealth, status and desire. These functions still prevail; however, there is a greater focus on the individual in our contemporary world. An individual’s relationship with jewellery is both personal and public. Memory and desire still drive jewellery forward as a current location of agency and belonging.

This new body of work explores the powerful connection individuals place on the jewellery object, as well as ‘jewellery-like’ objects. These ‘memory aids’ connect the viewer back to themselves while locating oneself in the present daily experience. This results in the jewellery object not just representing adornment, but also eliciting a strong personal emotion felt by the owner or viewer of the work. Comprising bronze sculptures, jewellery, ceramic sculptures, and paintings, each medium explores the concept of the aide-mémoire.

Exhibition dates:
15th February – 6th March, 2024