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Journal - Exhibitions

Microlith (Part II) by Welfe Bowyer

Exhibition: 1 – 20 Aug, 2016

Opening night Friday 5 August, 5-7pm. RSVP to info@egetal.com.au

Welfe Bowyer presents a series of experiments that explore the interaction of process and material. Microlith (Part II) is an exhibition of wearable sculptures and tiny monuments that stand as testament to the expansive reach of endless time.

Building on ideas developed in his recent New Zealand exhibition Microlith (Part I), Welfe looks beyond the beauty of a finished piece of jewellery, embracing the effects of process and material properties. Rather than achieving the polished and perfected amalgamation of materials that defines traditional jewellery work, these objects reveal how they were heated, cast, burned,
distorted and fused together.

Reclaimed materials are dissected and combined with new materials, creating a visible representation of the temporal differences within the finished object. Differing stages of degradation hint at the life these objects will lead beyond their current state, as the metals continue to interact with their environment and each other into the future. We are reminded that these elements pre-date human existence, and will long outlive us, allowing us to exist in the unique moment of the present.

Welfe Bowyer - Exhibition - Microlith (Part II) - Microlith 12 Ring
Microlith 12. Sterling silver, 18ct gold, yellow sapphires, champagne diamond, oxidisation patina. ($2,200)
Welfe Bowyer Exhibition Microlith Part II - Microlith 20 Ring
Microlith 20. Sterling silver, bronze, heat patina ($420)


Welfe Bowyer Exhibition Microlith Part II - Microlith 19 Ringn
Microlith 19. Sterling silver, 18ct gold, tourmaline, heat and oxidisation patina ($2,560)


Welfe Bowyer Exhibition Microlith Part II - Microlith 22 Ring
Microlith 22. Sterling silver, Australian emerald crystal, white heat patina. ($960)


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