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Journal - Exhibitions

New work by Jo Hawley

A pair of necklaces by Jo Hawley

Showing rom 12 February – 3 March, 2018, e.g.etal presents a selection of new works from Jo Hawley.

For several years, Jo has been exploring the possibilities of a relatively simple shape – a domed circle. Cutting and reconfiguring this shape, creating new shapes along the way and constructing (sometimes complex) jewellery pieces from the repetition of this simple initial building block.

“In this group of works I wanted to explore other ways of seeing these shapes and combinations, to consider the ways in which our perception of things changes depending on how they are presented to us, how we see them.” said Jo.

“I have been aware for a long time that looking at something in a mirror, or turning it upside down, completely changes the way we see it and how it looks to us. When I first started making these multicomponent pieces I realised that the shadows of the shapes and combinations were particularly interesting, and I have wanted to explore these silhouettes and shadows ever since.”

For this body of work, Jo has created pairs of works with an initial piece (necklace or pendant) followed by responses to that piece which focus on, highlight or reveal other aspects of it. Each exploring different ways of seeing, presenting alternative views.

The pairs are:
A pendant and its reflection,
A pendant and its outlines.
A pendant presented in two sizes (at different scales)
A pendant and its silhouette
And, a pendant and two different versions of its shadow.

Although conceived of and displayed in pairs, the pieces are all for sale individually, and are all one-off pieces.

These pieces were previously included (alongside work by Larah Nott) in “Alternative Views”, an exhibition held at Bilk Gallery, Canberra.

Jo Hawley - Alternative Views - Shadow Pair

Jo Hawley - Alternative Views - Scaled Pair Centred

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