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Journal - Exhibitions

(Ohmae Bulmang) : Unforgettableness

Jin Ah Jo 'Ohmae Bulmang' Exhibition Necklace

Exhibition: 27 Jun – 9 July, 2016

Opening night 1 July, 5-7pm. RSVP to info@egetal.com.au 

Following on from exhibiting at LOOT 2015 in New York City, Korean-Australian jewellery artist Jin Ah Jo examines her personal story in her first Melbourne solo exhibition (Ohmae Bulmang) : Unforgettableness derives its name from four Chinese characters, meaning “remembering when awake and asleep.”

This exhibition celebrates 17 years of living in between Australia, Korea and the rest of the world, focusing on unforgettable experiences translated into wearable art forms. Comprising six chapters, the exhibition tells the story of Jin Ah’s journey: Dusseldorf (form and function); New York (the golden city); Language barrier (in my mother’s tongue); Family (the love which goes into my core); The path chosen (present); and Australia (future).

Each jewellery piece reflects the emotions conjured by the memory of that chapter, expressing its own language, conversing and communicating with the viewer.

Jin Ah Jo is a contemporary jeweller living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Jin Ah’s process leverages her cross-cultural experiences of being born in Korea and studying, living and working in Germany and Australia.

Jin Ah Jo Ohmae Bulmang Exhibition

Jin Ah completed a Masters of Fine Art (Metals and Jewellery design) at Monash University, Australia in 2008. She emigrated from South Korea to Australia in 2000 and also studied in Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, University of applied science in Germany in 2006.

Jin Ah forms perforated mild steel, often used for industrial or architectural purposes, into sharp geometric structures. This transforms the steel from its manufacturing origins into a wearable piece of contemporary jewellery that explores form and space.

In 2015 Jin Ah participated in the invitation-only annual contemporary jewellery exhibition, LOOT, at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

Two necklaces from Jin Ah Jo's Ohmae Bulmang exhibition

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