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Talismans for Travel at Adelphi Hotel

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It’s travel meets jewellery at its best. Two Melbourne laneway institutions, e.g.etal and Adelphi Hotel, are collaborating to present Talismans for Travel, a new contemporary jewellery installation to be held in Adelphi’s foyer from August 21 – September 2.

The collection is a series of wearable objects handmade by 17 e.g.etal artists, that seek to provide protection, luck and guidance – and celebrate the experience of travel and exploration.

Talismans for Travel forms part of Radiant Pavilion, a bi-annual Melbourne festival celebrating contemporary jewellery, and Craft Cubed – Festival of the Handmade.

Talismans for Travel Exhibition Banner
Left: North Star Pendant by Laura Eyles. Right: Opal Travelling Ship by Anita Crowther.


Despite monumental changes in the way we travel, the act of leaving home still evokes atavistic pleasures and anxieties. Exhilarating, arduous, mundane and rewarding, travel offers moments of both heady independence and profound human connection. Bookended by movement, we seek stillness: a temporary home.

A talisman can be any object that we inscribe with the power to affect our emotions or surroundings. This exhibition will explore the ways in which contemporary jewellery can give physical and artistic expression to the ubiquitous desire for safe passage and a sense of place, in the pursuit of new worlds.

Golden Triangle Neckpiece - Phoebe Porter
Golden Triangle Neckpiece by Phoebe Porter


The limited edition and one-off pieces will be exhibited at the hotel from August 21 – September 2 and available for purchase on the e.g.etal website.

Celebrate the collection with happy hour priced drinks and complimentary antipasto from 4-6pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons during the exhibition. Adelphi’s restaurant, Om Nom Kitchen, has also created a limited-edition jewellery inspired dessert called ‘Talismans – Tour du Chocolate’. The dessert will be available at the restaurant until September 2nd.

Adelphi Hotel
187 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

Participating artists: Amy Renshaw, Anita Crowther, Brad Bird, Cinnamon Lee, Courtney Jackson, Daniel Serra, Jose Marin, Julia deVille, Julia Storey, Laura Eyles, Liv Boyle, Melinda Young, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, Phoebe Porter, Sarah Heyward, Vikki Kassioras.

Adelphi Hotel Facade
Adelphi Hotel – 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

“I believe a talisman requires 3 ingredients to be realised: First, the material must have some magic. In my experience, materials found in nature seem to carry the most potent qualities. Second, a talisman must be made with pure intentions, requiring a special focus towards honouring the material and celebrating its essence. Third, the wearer must believe in magic. Without all this, the talisman sleeps. An ordinary thing, like an old volcano waiting to stir. Some people say, a talisman chooses you anyway.” – Olivia Boyle


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