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How Should My Ring Fit?

Ring Fit- Display

For many of us, a significant piece of jewellery like a wedding or engagement ring may be something that we wear the most throughout our lives. It’s no surprise that we get so many questions about finding the right fit.

Each and every hand is unique: some fingers are bony, others taper, some have changed with age and others fluctuate with temperature and humidity. Even though all our hands are different there are some helpful guidelines we can refer to when recommending the best ring size for you, to ensure both comfort and longevity.

A proper fitting ring should slip over your knuckle with only a little resistance and fit snugly on your finger without being too tight. You should feel some friction and will need to apply a little extra force to remove the ring backwards over your knuckle.

Finding Your Ring Size:
The first step when looking for a ring that fits, is to consult with a trained professional to find your correct size. Ring sizes can be fickle, for this reason it is always best to find your ring size for the finger you wish to wear your ring on.

Once this finger has been decided, we can then take measurements using industry grade ring sizers. Often this is a quick process of trialling different sizes and seeing what is the most comfortable. The best fit is a combination of comfort and security. We like to say ‘it should take 1 second to put your ring on and 3 seconds to take it off.’

It’s important to figure out what feels ‘too tight’ or ‘too loose’ when trying on a ring. Sometimes if we aren’t used to wearing jewellery, a wider band may feel ‘too tight’ at first and occasionally rings with lots of metal or big stones can be prone to spinning around your finger if it doesn’t sit snuggly.

Fingers Can Change:
Our finger size often changes, sometimes significantly. Some people will even notice that in summer their rings are tight, whereas in winter they can shake them loose. While we always do our best at e.g.etal to ensure your ring fits as perfectly as possible, it’s also important to recognise that our bodies do change from time to time and that’s ok.

These changes can be the result of:
– Bloating
– Pregnancy
– Temperature changes
– Humidity
– Circulation
– Weight gain & weight loss
– Arthritis

Quite often our fingers will change back and our jewellery fits again, however some pieces can be resized to fit more comfortably.

Hand Shape Considerations:
There are some hand types that can benefit from extra consideration when approaching ring sizes. The most common are wide fingers with small knuckles or ‘tapered’ fingers and large knuckles with small fingers.

Tapered Fingers:
If you notice your fingers are their largest towards your palm and smallest at your finger tip without much of a change size in-between you will notice rings can slip of your fingers a little more easily.

Our suggestion for tapered fingers would be to make sure your ring fits nice and snug around the base of your finger and when trying on a ring, try moving your arms and hands around so you can test how it feels as it would if you were going about your day.

Large Knuckles:
If you have more prominent knuckles but fine fingers you will want to find a ring in as small a size as is comfortable, that can just make it over your knuckle when you take it on and off. Once it’s made it over your knuckle it should sit securely on your finger.

If your ring moves around or spins, sometimes jewellers can add small beads to the inside of your ring to help hold it in place when its worn. This can provide a little extra security and the feeling of the beads often becomes unnoticeable over time.

Different Band Styles:
Your choice of your band style will also affect how your ring will feel. Wider bands cover a greater area and so they will feel tighter than a finer band. ‘Comfort Fit’ rings have a domed interior that is designed to help the ring slip on and off more easily. This can be a great option for someone who isn’t used to wearing rings.

Our top tips for finding the right size:
– consult with a professional to find your size (if you can, get sized twice on different days!)
– know your hands – consider the shape of your fingers and how they change to help determine your ‘best fit’
– decide on how you want your ring to feel
– ask if your chosen ring can be altered or resized just in case
– remember, there is no perfect size

If you’re wanting to find out more about your ring size or would like to book a consultation you can contact us.