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Journal - Exhibitions

How the Light Gets In

How the Light Gets In
An exhibition of new works by Emma Grace, Clare James, Nicholas Jones, Chaco Kato, Ellie Mücke, Tai Snaith, Kate Tucker and Beck Wheeler.

Presented by e.g.etal as part of Craft Cubed 2012


A selection of pieces from How the Light Gets In
Work by Emma Grace and, from left to right, Nicholas Jones, Ellie Mücke and Kate Tucker

Opening night: Tuesday 7 August, 6pm – 8pm at e.g.etal, 167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Exhibition dates: Monday 6 August – Saturday 18 August

e.g.etal represented artist Emma Grace has made the basic framework for a series of earrings and pendants. She has sent these to a selection of Melbourne’s most talented artists and craftspeople. With these pieces she also sent a Leonard Cohen lyric: “There’s a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Together Emma worked with the artists to re-imagine these forms, incorporating their skills, aesthetics and materials to articulate and illuminate new ideas, new feelings and new perspectives. The resulting work stands as both a metaphor and a possible pathway to the future; optimism exists in the forging of new connections, the sharing of conversations and the inspiring outcomes of creative collaboration.

Through the application of unique practices, each artist has found a way to let the light in. In Nicholas Jones’ work, the frame remains intact and is oxidised. Jones’ folded paper sculptures now fill the space of the pendant and earrings, creating a contrast in both form and material. Kate Tucker paints her casual geometric patterns onto the surface of the work and extends this aesthetic in the creation of a woven chain that accentuates the piece’s neon orange details. Ellie Mücke’s earrings deconstruct Emma’s original shapes, incorporating reclaimed fabric to create a series of earrings that blur the line between what is metal and what is fabric, what is new and what is old. Emma Grace’s own work incorporates crystals that have been cultivated on the pieces over weeks. As they are worn these crystals fall away, revealing hidden colours and details…letting the light in.


Neckpiece and earrings by Kate Tucker and Emma Grace



Object and earrings by Nicholas Jones and Emma Grace


Earrings by Ellie Mücke and Emma Grace



Earrings and prints by Beck Wheeler and Emma Grace





Objects by Chaco Kato and Emma Grace



Earrings and object by Clare James and Emma Grace






Earrings and pendant by Emma Grace (as the pieces are worn the crystals fall away, revealing the details beneath)



Painting, pendants and earrings by Tai Snaith and Emma Grace