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Q&A with Lauren Trojkovic

Lauren Trojkovic Necklace

Last year, Lauren Trojkovic made her mark as an emerging talent, winning the 2016 e.g.etal graduate award. We’re now thrilled to launch Lauren’s debut collection at e.g.etal, featuring sculptural forms with soft embellishments. We asked Lauren for some insight into her practice.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Asymmetry, colour and texture are key features of the jewellery I create. My pieces often involve movement and geometric angular forms.

Lauren Trojkovic Grey Earrings

What led you to jewellery-making as a career?
I have a formal background in graphic design and photography, but was looking for something more hands on. What drew me to jewellery design, and what I enjoy most about it, is the fact that I have total control of my ideas through the design process to construction and finishing.

What influences you and inspires you?
I am very much influenced by ethnic jewellery. I’m especially drawn to the bold shapes of traditional North African, Indian and South American tribal wear.

Lauren Trojkovic Sapphire Earrings

What are your favourite materials to work with and why?
I am drawn to the natural beauty of gemstones. The possibilities it adds to a design are endless. I also enjoy working with the acrylic polymer Corian. It’s not often seen in jewellery, but is quite lightweight and easy to wear.

What is your approach to making new work?
I often let the materials I work with dictate the design of a piece. I will source gemstones or Corian in particular colours and sketch many different alternatives before developing the design further.

Lauren Trojkovic Bracelet

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