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Introducing Alexandra Dodds

Alexandra Dodds Portrait

Alexandra Dodds is the latest artist to join the e.g.etal ranks, launching a collection of molten gold pieces in the gallery this week. Her work features a beautiful array of blue green sapphires, coupled with glimpses of glimmering champagne diamonds. Safe to say, we are extremely excited to have the privilege of representing her in our space.

We sat down with Alexandra ahead of her launch to discuss her practice, and find out more about this inimitable maker.



How would you describe your aesthetic?

Refined molten textures. Balance & symmetry are of importance as well as the unintentional textures & details which form during the carving process.

What made you want to become a jewellery artist?

It is not something I planned but unfolded quite organically. Once I opened up my practice to doing custom work I found I loved the collaborative process & making such special pieces to represent such important milestones in people’s lives.

What led you to this point in your career?

I began carving jewellery in my bedroom in Wellington, NZ in 2010 when I had some ideas for some rings I wanted to make for myself. A friend from Fine Art School had done some lost wax casting in bronze & she gave me some tips. I began carving organic wax forms with a few simple tools- a soldering iron from the hardware store, a scalpel & a few files. I began selling my pieces off of my own hands when I was working in a busy cafe, and it grew from there. The more I learned about jewellery, the more I wanted to know so I enrolled in short intensive courses to learn new skills & refine techniques. I like to think my naivety & experimentation in the early days of jewellery making established my aesthetic- I still use the same soldering iron as one of my primary carving tools. The further practice & education in technique was equally important to make quality pieces.

What influences you and inspires you?

Geological shapes, eroded textures & organic forms from the natural world, as well as working directly with the materials and what unfolds at the bench.

How do you approach making new work?

A few different ways depending on my mood & the project. I used to hand draw everything but in the last few years I started to create drawings digitally through photoshop – I love to cut & paste & rearrange past designs to come up with something new. Other times I just sit at the bench with a beautiful stone I have collected, or a block of wax, and just start carving.

What are your favourite materials to work with and why?

Green carving wax is my go-to for wax carving. The definition & melting temp are perfect for the molten texture I have refined & used throughout my practice. As for metals & gems, 18ct yellow gold is a favourite for the rich colour, especially paired with Australian sapphires. Sapphires are a favourite for the colours- I am especially drawn to the greens. I also can’t go past the subtle sparkle of a champagne diamond. They are a favourite not only for their colours but for their durability & longevity.


Alexandra’s work is now on display at our gallery at 150 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. If you are unable to make it in, click here to see her full collection online.