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Introducing Alicia Hannah Naomi

Alicia Hannah Naomi is the latest artist to join the e.g.etal ranks, launching a collection of luminous gold, sapphire and diamond pieces in the gallery next week.

Her body of work takes inspiration from the quiet dignity of Australian landscapes, and how they are transformed by environmental change. Using the lost-wax casting method, Alicia meticulously sculpts from jeweller’s wax to create rugged textures, asymmetric forms, and intricate details that pay homage to the austere beauty of antipodean terrains. Surfaces appear hewn from the earth, while polished planes and faceted gemstones create tension and balance, acknowledging the complex relationship between nature and the human touch.

We sat down with Alicia ahead of her launch to discuss her practice, and find out more about her extraordinary art practice:

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My artistic style is characterised by its tactile, expressive, contemporary, and complex nature. It delves into the poetic beauty found in darkness, unveiling the humanity present in austerity. My aesthetic incorporates intricate details, asymmetrical forms, and rugged textures that pay homage to the complex relationship between nature and human touch.

What made you want to become a jewellery artist? What led you to this point in your career?

My journey as a jeweller began in 2003 when I had the opportunity to work with goldsmiths Francois and Nicholas Payet. Their unconventional approach to jewellery design resonated with me and prompted me to explore my own self-expression through contemporary jewellery as a maker as well as an avid wearer.

Since completing my jewellery qualifications at BHIT in 2013, I have spent more than a decade cultivating a unique voice, refining my technical skills, and fostering a strong connection with my clients. My goal is to empower those who wear my pieces to express themselves through my creations.

Alicia Hannah Namoi - New Artist

What influences you and inspires you?

Environmental change is a major influence on my work. I’m curiously inspired by how our planet’s landmarks are constantly evolving due to the interference of human inhabitants and industrialisation, as well as our efforts for conservation and attempts at rehabilitation.
The remarkable resilience of Earth’s landscapes and their ability to endure despite ecological challenges both captivate and humble me.

How do you approach making new work?

When developing new work, I prefer to give ample time for my ideas to mature. The bulk of my creative process is directly engaged with wax carving. This meticulous approach involves allowing my hands to guide the design, refining textures until they reach perfection. I find this a highly gratifying experience.

What are your favourite materials to work with any why?

I find satisfaction in using materials that defy conventional desirability. My favourite metal is 18ct White Gold, valued for its high alloy purity and dark, enigmatic hue, which accentuates the depth of my textural finishes. I also like working with Salt & Pepper Diamonds due to the unique inclusions that render each stone distinct. I refrain from rhodium plating my white gold and cherish included gemstones. While stones with inclusions may be more brittle, careful cutting and handling ensure their durability.

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