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Jin Ah Jo exhibits at LOOT in NYC

e.g.etal artist Jin Ah Jo is heading to New York City for LOOT, the Museum of Arts and Design’s annual six-day exhibition of artist-made jewellery.

Now in its 15th edition, this exhibition connects established and emerging artists with collectors looking to acquire pieces from some of the most innovative creators in the field.

After being hand-selected to participate, Jin Ah has become a creative powerhouse – producing an incredible 75 pieces for the exhibition, including new and experimental works.

Jin Ah’s jewellery will be displayed and sold at LOOT in NYC from 28 September to 3 October, 2015.

Jin Ah Jo exhibits at LOOT

What was the process of being selected for LOOT?

In January this year I got an email from LOOT curator, Bryna Pomp. She said she had followed my work for some time and liked my perforation series. She asked me to send some images of my current works. I did and she really liked them. After one month of exchanging emails I got an official invitation from the Chair of LOOT, Michele Cohen. According to her they had looked carefully at hundreds of artists from around the world and they found my work to be outstanding. Their objective is to choose the most original, skillfully crafted jewellery that is a true expression of the inner voice of the artist; my collection clearly achieves this goal.

Jin Ah Jo exhibits at LOOT

Will we be seeing some different work from you for this exhibition?

Having produced 75 pieces, I was able to experiment with form, structure and colour very freely and see the dynamism that can be vividly distinguished through harmonizing and interfering with the wearer’s body. I have contemplated all the processes of production very carefully. I tried to plan the outcomes, but also allowed for artistic serendipity here and there, which made me more excited.

Jin Ah Jo exhibits at LOOT

What do you hope to experience on your trip to NYC?

LOOT gives me the chance to meet and talk to artists and practitioners from all over the world. There will also be curators, collectors, contemporary jewellery lovers – the networking opportunities will be enormous. I have been making and presenting my works almost exclusively in Australia. Participation in LOOT will expose me to bigger and different markets – hopefully broadening my perspective of contemporary jewellery and strengthening my sustainability as a designer, maker and an artist.

Jin Ah Jo exhibits at LOOT

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