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Journal - Interviews

Meet our Guest Curator, Brigit Heller

Brigit Heller - Portrait

Brigit Heller is a sculptor who is preoccupied with our relationship with the natural world. She manifests this through the use of materials, colour, form and techniques as seen in her works. Heller places importance on maintaining a balance between the environment and our lives: recycling, reusing and readapting. Her creations are testimony to her interest in traditional crafts and techniques.

Heller has held several solo and group exhibitions exhibitions around Australia. Her works have been shown as part of the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, the McClelland Survey Award and the Deakin University Contemporary Small sculpture Award. Heller has won several awards and prizes, and her work can be seen in public places around Victoria as well as in private collections in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Bigit Heller Sculpture

We asked Heller to select her favourite pieces from the e.g.etal collection and curate an installation in our gallery.

“For me the value in jewellery is created through its history rather than materials used in creation. I own a very eclectic collection of jewellery, most reminding me of a special occasion or a person. Most often I buy jewellery during travels as I find that jewellery has a strong sense of place¬†and reflects on cultural values,” said Heller.

Brigit Heller - Installation - Closeup

For her curated collection, Heller was drawn to innovative use of materials, and the ability of the pieces to tell a story. The bowl shapes often present in Heller’s own work were instantly appealing, as was the work of Jane Frances Reilly.¬†“Reilly’s works use a non precious material, irregular shapes that are adorned with childlike drawings of everyday objects. I am delighted by their irreverence and playfulness. The irregular shapes and bright colours make me smile!”



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