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Journal - Interviews

Artists head to LOOT 2016 in NYC

Two e.g.etal artists are heading to New York City in April for the annual LOOT: MAD About Jewelry exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design. Featuring designs from more than 40 emerging and acclaimed jewelry artists, LOOT is an invitation-only event that allows enthusiasts to meet and acquire pieces from some of the most innovative creators in the field.

Jo Hawley and Katheryn Leopoldseder have been busy creating a slew of new pieces to showcase in New York.

Katheryn Leopoldseder - Necklaces for LOOT 2016
Turquoise Waters Necklace & Urban Flower Quartz necklace | Katheryn Leopoldseder, 2016


Katheryn’s large and colourful precious bead necklaces caught the attention of LOOT curators this year. After being invited to exhibit, Katheryn has spent months working on more than 60 new pieces.

“It’s been lovely to completely immerse myself in creating a very full and coherent collection, where each piece plays off the others and pulls together to make a strong collective impression. Some of the pieces are an extension of the Sea Collection that I showcase at e.g.etal. But LOOT has also given me an opportunity to make even more extravagant pieces, with sensuous and richly coloured stones. I’ve focussed on working with distinctly Australian materials, like our extraordinary Broome Pearls, Boulder Opals and coloured Sapphires. I even found an Australian grower of black pearls to show off.”

Katheryn Leopoldseder - Radiant Star Earrings
Radiant Star Earrings | Katheryn Leopoldseder, 2016


Both artists have felt the benefits of creative freedom, with echoes of past ideas suddenly finding form.

Said Jo, “It’s been really great playing with larger pieces, extending the scale. There are several pieces that had been in my head for a long time, pieces that I just hadn’t managed to get to before now. It’s been a really good reminder of the value of putting together an exhibition – you see a larger selection of your work and make choices based on how the pieces sit together and the balance across the collection.”

Jo Hawley - Oxidised Silver Brooch for LOOT
Oxidised Sterling Silver Brooch | Jo Hawley, 2016 | Photo: Fred Kroh


Katheryn agrees: “I’ve seized upon this opportunity to materialise some new collections that have been floating around in my mind for years. Like my multi-layered shadow earrings that utilise the front and back of the ear to create depth. And my architectural Radiant Star collection with Australian Sapphires. Very challenging to make! ”

Jo and Katheryn are excited about the opportunities that LOOT will present.

“It’s extraordinary to have been chosen for this, completely out of the blue,” said Jo. “It has been very affirming to be selected and fantastic for my practice to have been forced to devote the kind of time to it that I have over the last three months”

Jo Hawley - Silver Necklace for LOOT
Large ‘Outlines’ Multicomponent Neckpiece | Jo Hawley, 2016 | Photo: Fred Kroh


Katheryn plans to embrace the open-ended nature of the experience. “I have little idea of how the American market might receive my work. I see it as an opportunity to meet loads of interesting people in the arts and to really push myself outside of my comfort zone by confidently talking to those I meet about who I am and what I do.”

LOOT runs from April 11-16, 2016 at The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City

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