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Offering by Romy Mittelman & Jennifer Hopper

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Exhibiting at e.g.etal from 5th August 2021, Offering features a collection of handmade contemporary jewellery pieces by Romy Mittelman and paintings by Jennifer Hopper.

A year of challenge and change has given rise to three powerful goddesses from the realm of the collective imagination. These otherworldly beings, brought to life by jeweller Mittelman and illustrator Hopper, include The Prophetess Illumina, Empress Antiseptika and The Oracle Veritas. Together this mystic posse forms the pantheon of the Offering.

Born in modern times, for the salvation of the modern woman, these goddesses possess ancient feminine powers that remind the wearer of her own divine purpose and unique gifts. Offering is a collection that deifies contemporary women and empowers them to unleash their goddess-given talents on the universe.

There is the Prophetess Illumina, who reveals the path ahead and offers a guiding light in uncertain times; Empress Antiseptika, who is fortified by life’s trials and gains strength with every difficulty she encounters; and The Oracle Veritas, who encourages you reveal you true self to the world, and offers unconditional love and acceptance in return.

Each goddess is represented by a ruling symbol, illustrated in either first or third person view. Set into earrings and reversible necklaces, the symbols can be flipped depending on the needs of the wearer: drawing inwards when you’re in need of a boost from the goddesses, or projecting outwards on days when you feel strong and can offer your own gifts to the world.

The Offering Universe

The three goddesses that make up Offering are each represented by a major, or ruling, symbol. Each goddess’ ruling symbol is accompanied by three complementary symbols that strengthen her own powers or can be used in combination with the powers of another goddess for some substantial mojo enhancement. These ruling and complementary symbols are a party mix of divine inspiration and ass-kickin’ encouragement.

The Prophetess Illumina: Lighter of the Path (and Life of the Spiritual Party)

The Prophetess Illumina is the original disco diva. Her source of power is derived from the multi-faceted orb of a disco-ball, a symbol of her ability to illuminate the path ahead and be a guiding light in uncertain times. The Prophetess Illumina also recognises the intuitive powers of her wearer, accentuating the wearer’s own insight and empowering her to be a source of wisdom and truth for others.

Ruling Symbol:
The Orb/Disco Ball

Complementary Symbols:
Open Eye – Neutralise malicious glares and repel ill-wishes with The Prophetess Illumina’s Open Eye charm
Sky’s the Limit – The Prophetess Illumina’s Sky’s the Limit charm will remind you to take an expansive view of your future and dream BIG
Power – Connect to the source of your divine energy and inspiration with The Prophetess Illumina’s Power charm

Empress Antiseptika: The Divine Cleanser

Empress Antiseptika is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. She is fortified by life’s trials and gains strength with every difficulty she encounters. Her weapons are no more than a microfibre cloth and an environmentally friendly anti-bacterial spray, but with these humble means she wields tremendous spiritual power, wiping away the detritus of the past to begin anew. Empress Antiseptika offers this power to those who choose to identify with her, and in turn gives her devotees the ability to be a source of strength to others.

Ruling Symbol:
Spray bottle and microfiber cloth

Complementary Symbols:
Nurturing – Soothe thyself with Empress Antiseptika’s charm for bringing comfort and calm
Feather – A small wing-feather charm is Empress Antispetika’s reminder to fly high above everyday drama to see what really matters
Protection – Empress Antiseptika’s charm of protection is a wearable wish for safety and security

The Oracle Veritas: Diviner of One’s True Self

The Oracle Veritas is a goddess both loved and feared. Her unflinching soul-gaze takes the measure of all who worship her, and she demands that they reveal their true self not just to her, but to the world. She is the goddess to whom all unrealised dreams must be revealed and all vulnerabilities divulged. Being brave enough to be yourself is the only way to appease her, but she offers unconditional love and acceptance should you do so. In return she empowers her devotees to empathise with all the other flawed but beautiful mortals in this earthly realm.

Ruling symbol:

Complementary Symbols:
Inner Light – The Oracle Veritas’ Inner Light charm is a daily reminder to feed both body and soul with what make you feel whole
Zero F’s – The Zero F’s charm is The Oracle Veritas’ sweet little way of encouraging a devil-may-care attitude towards life’s many difficulties
Bye Bye – The Oracle Vanitas’ Bye Bye charm symbolises all that is done with, finished, and no longer fabulous.


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Offering Illumina Earrings - Romy Mittelman - Banner