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Journal - Exhibitions

Offering by Romy Mittelman & Jennifer Hopper

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Exhibiting at e.g.etal from 5th – 28th August 2021, Offering features a collection of handmade contemporary jewellery pieces by Romy Mittelman and paintings by Jennifer Hopper.

A year of challenge and change has given rise to three powerful goddesses from the realm of the collective imagination. These otherworldly beings, brought to life by jeweller Mittelman and illustrator Hopper, include The Prophetess Illumina, Empress Antiseptika and The Oracle Veritas. Together this mystic posse forms the pantheon of the Offering.

Born in modern times, for the salvation of the modern woman, these goddesses possess ancient feminine powers that remind the wearer of her own divine purpose and unique gifts. Offering is a collection that deifies contemporary women and empowers them to unleash their goddess-given talents on the universe.

There is the Prophetess Illumina, who reveals the path ahead and offers a guiding light in uncertain times; Empress Antiseptika, who is fortified by life’s trials and gains strength with every difficulty she encounters; and The Oracle Veritas, who encourages you reveal you true self to the world, and offers unconditional love and acceptance in return.

Each goddess is represented by a ruling symbol, illustrated in either first or third person view. Set into earrings and reversible necklaces, the symbols can be flipped depending on the needs of the wearer: drawing inwards when you’re in need of a boost from the goddesses, or projecting outwards on days when you feel strong and can offer your own gifts to the world.


Offering Illumina Earrings - Romy Mittelman - Banner