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Serendipity by Krista McRae

Krista McRaw Serendipity - Ring Stack Above

Exhibition 24 July to 12 August, 2017
Drinks with the artist Friday 28 July, 5-7pm [email protected]

‘Serendipity’ is an exhibition of new limited edition, handmade rings by Melbourne contemporary jeweller Krista McRae, celebrating magical connections, chance meetings, and moments of synchronicity.

With a fascination for Australian sapphires, Krista has assembled a trove of natural and unusual gems for this collection. Working with specialist gem cutters, each stone has been faceted to highlight its individual character. The design of each ring is an artist’s response to the uncommon shape and rare beauty of the stones.

Krista McRaw Serendipity - Ring Stack

In gathering her precious materials, Krista seeks an emotional moment of discovery – where combinations of gems from far and wide seem to connect as if they were always meant to be. She delights in uniting a mustardy yellow-green sapphire with a rusty apricot ‘sister’ stone, or collecting a quartet of minted green gems.

Gravitating towards one another, these seemingly predestined compositions emerge as decadent stacks of finished rings – echoing the human connections that Krista’s pieces celebrate. Building on her previous bodies of work, this collection also forges in a new direction, experimenting with one-off rings where stones are cast directly into their settings, like treasures emerging from glistening rock.

With names like ‘Twin Souls’, ‘Soul Sisters’, and ‘Hidden Treasures’, Krista’s rings seek to signify many different types of love. Through this collection, the artist invites lovers, companions, best friends and families to enjoy a chance encounter with a ring: to let the ring speak to you, and embody the depth of your love.

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Krista McRaw Serendipity - Two Rings