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  • Gumnut Stud EarringsGumnut Stud Earrings
  • EnquireRiveted Triangle Stud EarringsRiveted Triangle Stud Earrings
  • EnquireThree Stone Arch Stud EarringsThree Stone Arch Stud Earrings
  • EnquireTriangle Long Drop EarringsTriangle Long Drop Earrings
  • EnquireTropical Drop EarringsTropical Drop Earrings
  • Prehistoric Drop EarringsPrehistoric Drop Earrings
  • EnquireCrystal Opal Ring - Pink SapphireCrystal Opal Ring - Pink Sapphire
  • EnquireBoulder Opal Ring - Yellow SapphiresBoulder Opal Ring - Yellow Sapphires
  • Hinge hoopsHinge hoops
  • EnquireMagnesite and citrine earringsMagnesite and citrine earrings
  • EnquireHook earringsHook earrings
  • Rectangle earringsRectangle earrings
  • Angelite and Coral earringsAngelite and Coral earrings
  • EnquireTurquoise Rectangle EarringsTurquoise Rectangle Earrings
  • EnquireTurquoise tassel earringsTurquoise tassel earrings
  • Turquoise and freshwater pearl earringsTurquoise and freshwater pearl earrings
  • Agate and Magnesite broochAgate and Magnesite brooch
  • EnquireRectangle Earrings - Gold & TurquoiseRectangle Earrings - Gold & Turquoise
  • EnquireLapis lazuli earringsLapis lazuli earrings
  • EnquireCharoite earringsCharoite earrings
  • EnquireCicada ringCicada ring
  • EnquireChrysoprase earringsChrysoprase earrings