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Journal - Stories

Strength in Sisterhood

As a contemporary jewellery gallery representing Australian makers, we create meaningful pieces that tell powerful human stories. Many of those stories highlight the strength and connections between women: Sisters and friends. Mothers, daughters and granddaughters.

Twins together and apart

Earlier this year we met twins who were about to turn thirty. To celebrate a new decade, they decided to purchase a piece of jewellery for each other. The piece was to be a surprise, with one caveat: the gift had to contain their birth stone. Each twin chose a pair of earrings for the other that was entirely distinct. For two women who had been linked, compared (and mistaken for each other!) their whole lives, these pieces of jewellery allowed them to emphasise their uniqueness as they took their next steps into adulthood. Whilst also retaining their deep connection to each other, through the gemstone that symbolised their shared birth.

A letter to my daughter

In 2018, artist Liv Boyle designed a one-off ‘Love Letter’ necklace, containing a diamond tucked away inside a gold envelope. The woman who purchased the necklace immediately fell in love with the idea of the piece: for her, the little gem would symbolise her precious daughter. This year, as her daughter celebrates a milestone, she has commissioned Liv to make a matching silver love letter pendant for her child. As their relationship matures and changes into a new phase of independence, these matching envelopes will hold their thoughts for each other: endless love letters that are being written and re-written every day.

Pearls of wisdom

Two friends purchased for each other a pair of Mother of Pearl earrings made by Laura Eyles, as a reward for making it through the endless months of 2020. Mother of Pearl is the nacre that lines the inside of a shell, which coats and forms a pearl. It’s a hard, resilient and beautiful material: a symbol of the inner strength and resolve that this year has a brought out in us all. These earrings celebrate coming out of the shell of 2020 … with a silver lining.

In each of these stories, the experience of creating and communicating is just as enriching as the finished jewellery piece. The relationships we build with our clients are magical. Learning what your jewellery means to you is, quite literally, our favourite thing to talk about!

Every piece created at e.g.etal has people at the heart: from the women who sit with you as you tell your story, to the artists who pour their love into the piece as it takes shape on their bench. And then there is the sparkling, glittering end result: the catalyst of so much power, so much love, and so much rich female energy forged into a precious and enduring token.

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Double Bangle - Sea Dish with Pearl - Ketheryn Leopoldseder - Side
Sea Dish Double Bangle by Katheryn Leopoldseder ($580)


Ultracoil Ring - Sterling Silver - Anna Davern - Front
Ultracoil Sterling Silver Ring by Anna Davern ($200)


Diamond Sea Dish Stud Earrings - Black - Katheryn Leopoldseder - Front
Blackened Sea Dish Diamond Stud Earrings by Katheryn Leopoldseder ($660)


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