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The Ruby Collection : Anna Davern

Anna Davern - Rubybezeltrackring - Front - News

Anna Davern’s Ruby Bezel Track ring

Has the Melbourne contemporary jewellery scene changed in the last 15 years?

It’s definitely much bigger! More and more students are graduating every year and thanks to the efforts of e.g.etal and other galleries, contemporary jewellery has a strong profile, which enables emerging artists to be able to support their practices. That being said, I sometimes think that the styles and themes that artists are working with have become slightly more homogenised. I’d love to see more risk taking and greater diversity of designs.

How have you as a jeweller changed over the last 15 years?

When I first spoke to Ali and Emma about representation at e.g.etal I remember saying “I don’t want to make production work!” so I was making one off art objects. Now I really enjoy my “production” work and making jewellery that people wear everyday.

You have been making jewellery for at least 15 years now – what is it that keeps you motivated and inspired?

Teaching! I teach beginners jewellery classes and Northcity4 and I get a bit of a rush from the excitement and enthusiasm of my students. There’s nothing better than seeing that “Huzzah!” moment when they tackle and succeed at a technique that they initially thought was quite daunting.

What has been your best “e.g.etal experience”?

Just being there from the beginning and having so many “e.g.etal experiences”

How does being a jeweller add to the way you define yourself in the world?

I am lucky enough to be one of those people who love their job. It’s creative and I get to make the things that become precious to other people.

How does contemporary jewellery made by independent designers such as yourself differ to your average piece of jewellery?

What is the average piece of jewellery? Is it the expensive imported item by a European label, or the cheap mass-produced stuff available in the chain stores? Either way I think our point of difference is individuality and a personal story.

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