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What is a parti sapphire, you ask?

Diamonds are classic, but they’re also ubiquitous and (despite what lots of flashy marketing might tell you) not particularly rare. With more and more brides seeking unique and alternative engagement rings, couples are increasingly shifting away from the traditional diamond solitaire towards coloured stones – in particular, the enigmatic and multi-hued parti sapphire.


Simone McNamara, General Manager of e.g.etal contemporary jewellery, says parti sapphires are now the second most requested stone for wedding jewellery. “In recent years, we have seen the ‘rules’ of love and relationships reconsidered and redefined. Therefore, couples are also seeking more unusual stones for engagement rings, and the Parti Sapphire is definitely a stone that people have a special love for.” 

Although the term ‘sapphire’ might immediately conjure thoughts of deep cerulean blue, parti sapphires are stones that display two or more colours, usually yellow and green or yellow and blue. This unusual mix adds dimension and warmth and makes each stone visibly unique. No two stones are alike. In tones from dark green through to light citrus yellows, some gems feature a stark transition between colours, while others reveal their hidden depths only when moved in the light. The combination of two distinct colours is also a beautiful symbology of the joining of two souls.

Parti sapphires also retain all the best qualities of the corundum family – meaning they have a hardness value of 8.5-9 (second only to that of a diamond), making them scratch-resistant and perfect for everyday wear.

Falling Water Ring - Rhys TurnerAustralia is a major source of sapphires and local provenance is another reason the parti sapphire appeals. All our rings are handmade by local artists using natural stones, and many of our clients feel an added connection knowing the stone has been sourced from the Australian earth.

At e.g.etal, finding a ring that speaks to the wearer is a specialty. We represent a carefully curated selection of jewellery designers who display both artistic and technical brilliance. The couples who come to us really value the artistry involved. We love matching them up with the right artist and introducing them to unusual stones and concepts. The result is a ring that stands apart from traditional wedding jewellery and that is imbued with multiple layers of meaning.


What is a Parti Sapphire, you ask?


Pictured: Krista McRae’s “Bi-Colour Sapphire Stud Earrings”, and Rhys Turner’s “Falling Water” Ring.