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Coming Soon: The XX Exhibition

XX Rings - Nicky Hepburn and Krista McRae

Above: Rings by Nicky Hepburn and Krista McRae

In November 2018, e.g.etal will host its most ambitious exhibition yet. To celebrate the gallery’s 20th anniversary milestone, over 60 artists have each designed a very special piece – an item of jewellery inspired by the roman numeral for 20: XX.

The XX exhibition also includes a first look at new pieces by e.g.etal director Emma Goodsir, in advance of her full collection launch in 2019.

Established in 1998, e.g.etal now represents over 60 Australian designers and craftspeople, with occasional international guests. Over two decades, e.g.etal has become a Melbourne icon: supporting independent jewellery artists and showcasing unique, independent and contemporary jewellery design. Throughout its history, e.g.etal has often been referred to as Melbourne’s ‘hidden gem’, referring to the subterranean location on Flinders Lane. To celebrate this claim, many of the jewellery pieces also conceal a hidden ‘gem’- whether literal or abstract. Some artists have placed glittering stones inside the curve of a ring or at the end of a chain. Others have taken a more lateral approach, creating gem patterns within the structure of their piece.

XX Pearl Necklace - Julia Storey - Banner

Julia Storey has created a curvy X pendant in her signature ‘Shared Terrain’ mixed metal texture, nestling a creamy pearl hidden inside the pendant, which can only be glimpsed when the necklace turns gently to the side.

XX Ring - Rhys Turner - Banner

Rhys Turner has crafted two waveform rings that can be worn individually or sleeved together, creating a double ‘X’ shape when viewed at a predetermined angle. As an added surprise, the inner gold sleeve also conceals a hidden diamond.

In each case, searching out and discovering the hidden gem adds an extra spark of joy for the wearer.

“Every artist has interpreted the idea of XX through their own individual viewpoint, making this exhibition a fitting celebration of e.g.etal’s philosophy. Each piece is unique, but each is alike: carefully conceived, beautifully crafted and sincerely passed on,” said e.g.etal director Emma Goodsir.

XX Brooch & Earrings - Maria Natoli & Vikki Kassioras

Above: Brooch by Maria Natoli, earrings by Vikki Kassioras

XX will exhibit from 12 November – 1 December at e.g.etal, 167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

e.g.etal will celebrate its 20th birthday from November 2018, with celebrations continuing throughout 2019.