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A ring for love and healing

Peggy Sterkin - Eternal Love Ring - Side

“Receiving and giving love is what makes us fully human, and unites us with all other sentient beings.”

At e.g.etal, we get to do something very special: to play a part in marking some of the most important and emotional moments in people’s lives. We connect people with artists who can convey emotion and meaning through their craft. Sometimes, jewellery is a celebration. At other times, it is about commemoration.

We recently had the pleasure of creating a ring for Peggy, who reminded us just how important it is to acknowledge the unconditional love of a treasured companion.

Foopsie was a stray kitten who was rescued by Peggy 16 years ago. Affectionate and loyal, throughout the years Foopsie was always by Peggy’s side.

“We have been through good times and bad times together. I try to articulate the strength of the bond between humans and their companion animals, but I find it difficult to express,” said Peggy. “All I really know is that she was my responsibility, and needed good care, and in return I was rewarded with constant love and companionship.”

During their final years together, Peggy avoided travel to minimise stress for Foopsie. “This seemed like a tiny price to pay for all the love I received, to the very end.”

Given their long and enduring bond, losing Foopsie was traumatic for Peggy. To help process her grief, she decided to look for a piece of jewellery she could wear every day to commemorate their friendship.

Peggy was drawn to Suzi Zutic‘s ‘Eternal Love’ ring. “The beauty of the ring and the gorgeous shining stones remind me that love is truly eternal, and that love is given freely, accepted freely, and to be cherished above all other things.”

During the commission, e.g.etal staff sensitively guided Peggy through the process, listening and translating Peggy’s wishes into a brief to the artist. As stone colours were an important part of the piece, Peggy was able to choose from a beautiful selection of sapphires to create the effect she wanted. As a finishing touch, Foopsie’s name was engraved on the inside.

Peggy Sterkin - Eternal Love Ring - Foopsie

“When I first saw the finished ring I was initially amazed at the subtlety of the combination of all five stones. The ring is very regal, very elegant, and was exactly how I had imagined it to be. I look at it throughout the day and night as it’s simplicity yet grandeur is so magnetic. The engraving is just beautiful, and will last for generations.”

Most importantly, Peggy feels the ring reflects the gravity of the relationship it commemorates. “The ring is substantial, which is what I wanted – I wanted something that is an accurate reflection of 16 years of great love and devotion.”

Peggy says that she loves the ring more and more each day, and that it has helped the healing process. “I feel the ring is as beautiful as the love we give to each other on this planet. It is truly symbolic of the great giving and the magical compromises that one makes in any sort of friendship.

“Love is a healing thing, and the fire of grief can transform you. I feel I am a more compassionate person, a more understanding person as a result of the pets I loved over a lifetime, the loving relationships I have had with kin, and the many friendships I have been lucky to have.”

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