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Adornments for Adoration

The language of jewellery has been used for centuries to convey friendship, love, protection and devotion. Here, we explore the symbols and messages hidden in each piece, so you can infuse your gift-giving with depth and meaning.

Botanical Thoughts

Throughout history, flowers and plants have been used to express intention and emotion.

Yuko Fujita’s abstract botanical creations take floral inspiration in a contemporary direction. Her classic Wisteria earrings symbolise longevity and steadfast devotion. Jasmine symbolises friendship, and Sunflowers convey adoration. Fiona Fitzgerald references the the sacred date palm in her work, which is a sign of friendship, peace, and prosperity.

Above (L-R): Wisteria 6 Drop Earrings – Black & Gold by Yuko Fujita ($395); Short Silver Jasmine Earrings by Yuko Fujita ($240); Sunflower Stud Earrings by Yuko Fujita ($180).


Celestial Connection

Jewellers have long looked to the skies for inspiration, reflecting the vast magic of the galaxy in tiny, glittering pieces.

The sun symbolises hope: each morning, without fail, the sky will light up and glow. The stars offer guidance, motivation, encouragement and good wishes. While the moon conveys intuition and wisdom … and the simple sentiment: I love you to the moon and back.

Above (L-R): Galaxy Balance Argyle Diamond Necklace by Sarah Heyward ($1,570); Ostosia Star Earrings ($4,010) and pendant ($2,520) by Georgie Brooks; Full Moon Hook Earrings by Joungmee Do ($715)


Birds of a Feather

A feather symbolises freedom of mind and heart. As Emily Dickinson wrote, ‘“Hope” is the thing with feathers – / That perches in the soul – / And sings the tune without the words – /And never stops – at all -‘. Jewellery adorned with bird or feather motifs is an ideal way to mark new beginnings.

Above (L-R): Canyon Feather Necklace by Milly Thomas ($225); Rose Gold Flying Bird Ring by Vikki Kassioras ($1,540); Feather Cuff by Claire Taylor ($490)


Someone to Watch Over You

Jewellery can act as a protective talisman, and a way to carry the thoughts and wishes of loved ones with you. For her ‘New Religion’ collection, Romy Mittelman collaborated with illustrator Jennifer Hopper to create a series of powerful female Goddesses that reflect the challenges, aspirations and hopes of modern women, including the ‘Goddess of Protection‘. Traditional motifs such as eyes, shields and arrows also symbolise nurture and protectiveness. Perfect for someone about to embark on an adventure.

Above (L-R): Shield X Earrings by Rachael Grigulis ($135); Silver Eye Necklace by Maria Natoli ($230);  Goddess of Protection Earrings by Romy Mittelman ($400)


Notions of Intimacy

Cinnamon Lee’s work examines personal and private symbols of affection. Her ‘Secrets‘ series reveals a row of hearts or kisses, concealed inside pendants, earrings and rings. Elizabeth Kennedy’s ‘Beloved Assemblage‘ collection records the many layers of memory and meaning that form a relationship. While Jin Ah Jo’s ‘Intervals‘ series celebrates the ‘moments in between’ life milestones: the periods of stillness and renewal that make up a rich tapestry of experiences.

Above (L-R): Secret Kisses necklace by Cinnamon Lee ($340); Intervals Rings by Jin Ah Jo; Beloved Assemblage Necklace by Elizabeth Kennedy ($615)


Sacred Stones

The other-worldy quality of gemstones and minerals has led humans to assign spiritual and emotional meaning to these rare and special formations of nature. Emeralds have been seen as symbols of truth and love throughout time. Opals are considered in many cultures to be a symbol luck, due to their multi-hued ‘fire’. And pearls are known for representing wisdom. Various gemstones also have popular associations with wedding anniversaries and birth months.

Above (L-R): Agate and Boulder Opal Earrings by Anita Crowther ($2340); Textura Carezza Emerald Ring by Georgie Brooks ($7,850); Sacro Keshi Pearl Pendant Necklace by Juan Castro ($2,180)

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