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Georgie Brooks

Georgie Books - Jewellery Designer

Georgie Brooks manipulates highly recognisable, common surfaces so that they become weathered and worn.  The transformation of these surfaces gives her work a mysterious quality: like the discovery of a buried hoard, these pieces appear to have another story to tell.

For Georgie, the provenance of  the gemstones she uses is of paramount importance. All the stones in her collection have been sourced from the Australian earth, and cut by a master gem cutter. Georgie carefully designs the cut of each stone, often informed by the rough shape of the gem, preserving as much of the stone’s natural beauty as possible.

Georgie has an undergraduate degree in History, Honours in Interior Design (RMIT) and an Advanced Diploma in Engineering – Jewellery from Melbourne Polytechnic. Prior to her jewellery career, Georgie designed exhibitions for cultural institutions in Melbourne, London and New York.

Jewellery by Georgie Brooks