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Amy Renshaw

Amy RenshawAmy’s jewellery practice began at the age of 15. She and a friend made their own range of Fimo jewellery and sold the baked creations at a local craft market. It was at this point that Amy decided that she’d like to be a jeweller. Amy studied Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT and has now been making jewellery for almost two decades. Her work is still lovingly handmade, though it’s now more inclined to employ gold, silver and gems than modelling clay.

Amy’s contemporary jewellery is characterised by pronounced geometric details that involve crisp, clean lines combined with an often unexpected or asymmetrical feature. Each piece is made with careful consideration, inspired by architecture and textiles and stemming from a love of materials and the sheer joy of making. Amy’s designs may initially take the form of a drawing or an assemblage of paper before they are realised in metal. Silver pieces often incorporate an embossing technique or a subtle element of colour.

Jewellery by Amy Renshaw